Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering

Arora and Associates' experience in hydrology and hydraulics includes stormwater management as well as performing flood plain analysis of streams and waterways. We have performed hydrological studies and designs of stormwater retention facilities such as detention and retention basins and bioretention facilities. We have analyzed waterway openings for culverts and bridges, as well as flood hazard areas and 100-year flood stream profiles for various waterbodies throughout the state. We utilize the PondPack program to analyze detention and retention basins, Inroads Storm and Sanitary for stormwater conveyance system design and the Culvert Master and Hec-Ras programs for the development of water surface profiles.

Our experience includes obtaining General and Individual permits for Wetlands, Waterfront development, and Flood Hazard Areas from the NJDEP and soil erosion and sediment control permits from the various Soil Conservation Districts throughout New Jersey.