Environmental Compliance / Permitting / GIS

Arora and Associates, P.C. (Arora) offers a full range of siting and permitting capabilities for projects of any size. The foundation of these capabilities is built on the depth and breadth of our highly experienced environmental professionals, from field staff to senior project leadership, and their commitment to providing knowledgeable, efficient service that ensures the successful execution of your project while fulfilling critical environmental regulatory requirements.

Our in-house environmental team works closely with Arora’s designers to ensure compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations is taken into account early on in the design phase, this allows the project to advance through the regulatory review and approval process in the most efficient manner and with limited design changes.

Arora’s team of Hydrologists, Environmental Engineers, Planners and Ecologists offer hands on experience and knowledge of the latest state and federal regulations to ensure that all design is compatible and environmentally sound. Arora has been recognized as leading the way in determining environmental requirements early in the design process where design exceptions and adjustments can be made to reduce environmental costs such as mitigation while not increasing the cost of design and construction. Our team understands how to review draft permits with operational flexibility and future compliance in mind. Arora’s team can address and advance permitting and environmental compliance for various types of projects including bridge replacement and rehabilitation, roadway reconstruction and widening, interchange and intersection design, culverts and dams as well as utility infrastructure.

Arora’s environmental team works not only with the client to ensure the highest level of compliance, but also with the community stakeholders in which the project is located. In this way, Arora can gauge in the early stages of project development, local issues and levels of concern. This early coordination allows Arora to identify appropriate design and best management practices to reduce and even eliminate potential mitigatable and unforeseen impacts and controversy.

As with Arora’s many other disciplines and services, Arora prides itself on its quality of work and strict adherence to schedule and budget. Arora’s team of dedicated public engagement staff are experienced in an array of communication techniques and methods for creating appropriate public dialog. Arora’s personnel are experienced in working with regulatory agencies to facilitate timely responses to information requests and issuance of permits. We have good working relationships with the regulatory staff throughout our three-state market region and we understand the applicable regulatory requirements as we have successfully negotiated many permits on behalf of our clients. We understand how to prepare permit applications and fully understand the requirements necessary elements for a regulatory agency to deem an application complete and to issue the permit.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Our multidiscipline Geographical Information Systems (GIS) group offers extensive GIS services on engineering, transportation, public safety and utility projects for public and private organizations. For both small and large assignments, we provide GIS data development, analysis and training, and implement GIS software and hardware to meet the needs of our clients with state-of-the-art, yet cost-effective, technology and practices. In conjunction with our Survey Department, the GIS group develops and updates zoning maps, base mapping and tax parcel development, land use mapping, stormwater management and watershed conservation plans, and emergency response plans. As part of our commitment to innovative solutions, we utilize our GIS group for all our in-house engineering design projects as well.

Our GIS Services Include:

  • Data Evaluation, Conversion & Integration
  • Geocoding/Address Matching
  • Master Street Addressing Guide (MSAG) Development and Rural Street Addressing
  • GPS Services (Survey & Sub-meter)
  • Web Based GIS/Google Earth
  • Infrastructure/Utility Mapping (including underground location)
  • Community Planning Mapping
  • Roadway Asset Management & Inventory
  • Wetlands Delineations and Mapping
  • Environmental Studies
  • Volume Calculations

We currently run ESRI, MicroStation, Autodesk, GlobalMapper, Google Earth, Trimble Pathfinder Office and several additional GIS, GPS and mapping packages. ESRI's ArcReader GIS software is a FREE, easy to use mapping application that allows users to utilize GIS data with NO COST for software licenses. ArcReader has been described as the 'Adobe PDF of GIS', allowing utilization of GIS data without editing capabilities.

Arora can provide ArcReader, packaged with the GIS data that is available, for any project. Color aerials, USGS quadrangle maps, road centerline, streams, FEMA flood maps, and tax parcels are just a few of the GIS data layers that are available free*. This provides an easy to use customized mapping/GIS software package that is not limited by software licenses.

Please contact Arora to discuss how we can help with your ArcReader project or any other GIS related projects. To learn more, go to the Environmental Compliance/Permitting/GIS Projects page.

To learn more, go to the Environmental Compliance / Permitting / GIS Projects page.