Geotechnical Engineering

Arora and Associates, P.C. (Arora) provides a wide range of geotechnical services with the highest degree of confidence. Our geotechnical engineering group has professional credentials, is academically trained, and is experienced in providing complete geotechnical engineering services. Supervising the group is a Professional Engineer with advanced degrees, backed by specialized training, in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering. Members of the team have various qualifications including professional licenses and special certifications in hazardous waste management (40 hours OSHA), asphalt testing, and nuclear density gauge testing. All possess extensive field, laboratory and design experience.

Arora's Soils and Foundations services are extensive. We implement subsurface exploration programs that include the preparation of contracts and specifications, solicitation of bids, and execution of contracts. We conduct field inspections and visual identification of soil and rock according to various classification systems. Our field evaluations include in-house analysis and lab testing of geotechnical materials. Arora provides geotechnical engineering reports with recommendations for design soil parameters, the most appropriate foundation schemes, and constructability considerations. We assess and recommend instrumentation for evaluating field performance including impact on buildings, bridges, roadways, dams, coastal construction and flood control measures. Our inspectors evaluate slope stability, bearing capacity, embankment consolidation, settlement, axial and lateral pile capacity, and drilled shaft capacity. In addition, our engineers design, supervise and evaluate static, dynamic, O-cell and cross hole logging tests for deep foundation schemes.

Our Pavement Design expertise includes field and laboratory testing of subgrade soil properties, visual surface distress identification utilizing SHRP Distress Identification Method, analysis of destructive and non-destructive tests of pavement and subgrade conditions and the recommendation of proper remedial measures. Arora analyzes and recommends pavement thickness and materials for roadways and parking lots, and designs, supervises and evaluates falling weight deflectometer testing. We also provide back calculation of modulus and structural number of rigid and flexible pavements, non-destructive testing methods to examine bridge deck condition and lamination delineation and make pavement and bridge deck rehabilitation recommendations.

Arora's Quality Control and Quality Assurance program offers expert geotechnical evaluations, opinions and recommendations during construction. Our geotechnical quality control and quality assurance for shallow and deep foundation schemes includes static and dynamic load test evaluations for pile driving and drilled shafts. We provide complete geotechnical field quality control and quality assurance service for any engineering project.

Special geotechnical recommendations are sometimes required for complex projects. Arora evaluates and recommends soil improvement techniques, such as soil reinforcement, anchoring and nailing, densification, surcharging and strip drains, adhesion and physiochemical alteration. Our evaluations and recommendations of suitable improvement techniques are always completed after considering site specific conditions. Additionally, Arora conducts geotechnical evaluations of failed foundations and provides remedial recommendations for buildings, bridges and dams. We also operate a laboratory testing service to determine physical and index properties of soils. Our experts provide forensic geotechnical evaluations for disputed claims and value engineering evaluations.

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