Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning s among the many and varied design support services offered by Arora and Associates, P.C. (Arora). Our Transportation Planning group is responsible for preparing traffic signal designs, signing and striping plans, assisting with the development of traffic control plans and detours, and providing traffic operational analyses in terms of capacity and level of service determinations.

Our traffic engineering work has also led us into the area of traffic calming. Specifically, Arora has been charged with planning and designing various traffic calming measures to regulate speeds or otherwise moderate traffic flows through residential neighborhoods and other traffic-sensitive areas. Arora is also involved with the conceptual development and design of modern-day roundabouts as an alternative to standard at-grade traffic signalized intersections or grade-separated interchanges.

Arora also provides traffic engineering consulting services to local municipalities. These services have generally been accomplished on behalf of a municipality's planning board or zoning board of adjustment and involve the review of traffic impact studies and site plans, as prepared by a land developer's team of professionals. This work is provided in support of municipalities dealing with issues associated with suburban sprawl and urban renewal and redevelopment.

Another facet of our traffic engineering services group is the area of land condemnation proceedings. Many highway projects require the acquisition of privately held land parcels. In order to assess any traffic impacts related to such acquisitions, studies are performed under the auspices of State Departments of Transportation and their Divisions of Right-of-Way. Such a study contrasts and compares the traffic-related areas of parking, access, and circulation associated with existing, or "before acquisition" conditions with those same three site-specific aspects anticipated to result from the build or "after acquisition" conditions.