Structural and Seismic Design

Arora and Associates, P.C. (Arora) provides structural engineering services that extend from feasibility assessment and conceptual planning through final design and construction engineering. Our team is skilled in the rehabilitation and design of slab, steel girder, steel truss, prestressed, segmental and precast concrete bridges, culverts and complex structures.

Our single-span, multi-span, long-span and structures carry roads, highways, ramps, railroads and pedestrians and traverse highways, railroads and navigable waterways.

Arora is a leading consulting engineering firm providing integrated and multi-disciplinary services in all facets of infrastructure development. Our expertise includes the design and rehabilitation of bridges, railroad catenary structures, platforms and canopies.

Arora is well qualified in the design of overhead sign structures. We have designed over 100 overhead, cantilever and bridge mounted structures for various transportation agencies in the northeast. We also provide extensive sign services, including inventory, condition and feasibility studies for major sign systems in New York City.

Arora conducts in-depth inspections, seismic studies, forensic investigations and environmental studies. Our engineers design cost-effective solutions for fender systems, high tower lighting foundations, sheet pile walls, retaining walls, transportation facilities, public structures, office buildings and houses of worship.

Arora engineers work with clients to develop innovative structural solutions, which are tailored to best fit the specific needs of each client. Often the rehabilitation or retrofit of a structure is the preferred alternative to address structural deficiencies, extreme events such as seismic and scour, and carryout emergency repairs.

Our team has been a leader in the development of new details and technologies and the incorporation of the latest materials into designs. Arora's goals are to balance client's needs with economy and aesthetics and to provide solutions for developing and maintaining infrastructure.

Computer based design and analysis programs for simple, continuous, curved and truss structures aid our engineering effort. Plans are generated using MicroStation and AutoCAD and our designs meet AASHTO and local authority design requirements.

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